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RiserClad International's proprietary corrosion and repair products are installed under the supervision of field personnel who have years of experience dealing with corrosion. The expertise of our installation superintendents is of great value in the case of critical piping that must be properly RiserClad Internationalmaintained to ensure integrity both for safety and performance.

RiserClad International has the capabilities to offer a wide range of installation support which can greatly facilitate remediation and repair. Customers are able to reduce the number of vendors required for corrosion maintenance and repair and achieve considerable cost savings.

RiserClad International also offers complete remediation services for offshore platforms that have suffered storm related damage. From caissons to structural members, RiserClad International provides remediation alternatives such as steel sleeves and grouting. Drawing upon years of experience in all phases of remediation work, RiserClad International specialists can develop a plan that will remediate any damage, while satisfying regulatory requirements on a cost-competitive basis.

RiserClad International’s safety record is one of the best in the business. Operators can be assured that RiserClad International personnel have received all relevant training and that every employee realizes that safety is always our first priority.

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