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RiserWrap Corrosion Barrier
RiserWrap™ Corrosion Barrier

RiserWrap™ is a flexible corrosion barrier made up of a fiberglass cloth and proprietary RiserBond® epoxy and is applied as a wet lay-up. RiserWrap™ can be applied to irregular shapes offshore, in the splash zone and even underwater as well as, provide superior protection for soil/air interfaces.

  • Offshore risers and process piping,
  • Onshore pipelines,
  • Bends, welds, flange necks and other non-linear surfaces,
  • Coating/riser interfaces.
  • Underwater curing, RiserBond® epoxy adhesive,
  • Fiberglass cloth.
  • Pipe substrate must be prepared,
  • RiserBond® mixed and applied to pipe to be protected,
  • Fiberglass cloth wrapped around pipe,
  • Process repeated, depending upon number of layers required.
Physical Characteristics
  • Fiberglass woven, edge tape,
  • Can be applied to irregular surfaces,
  • Tough, durable and long-lasting corrosion barrier,
  • Enhances structural integrity,
  • High temp applications (up to 100° C with special formulation),
  • Outstanding adhesion (over 2,000 psi on ASTM D4541) to carbon steel pipe and superior adhesion to most other coatings,
  • Excellence resistance to lap shear (over 1,000 psi using a carver press),
  • Tough, durable, impact resistant,
  • Not subject to degradation by UV light,
  • Excellent resistance to most chemicals and acids.
Photos of Typical RiserWrap™ Applications:

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